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Chari Pack: how a woman changes the game with photo printing in the technical space

Chari Pack, founder and CEO of Persnickety Printers, promotes his presence in the technical area by launching an application that takes all these digital photos memorable to tangible photographs and wildlife. Its application, the Persnickety box, is so simple and easy to cross and print these digital memories sitting on our mobile devices. It proved that its originality can stand out and succeed in the technology industry dominated by men.

Since a little girl, the mother of Chari Pack has instilled in her to love the narration, especially through images. Chari Pack has grown to love scrapbooking and it’s when she fell in love with photography. She sees scrapbooking as a way to express memories and pick up stories that travel life. Now, being a mother herself, she pursued the sharing cycle of the memories of life through scrapbooking so that her children can have a memory of looking over the years.Chari PackChari Pack sees photos serving more stops than sitting on our phones when this form of technology can be unworthy. The printing of photos can not leave us in a possible dark digital age – if something happens offline, all the photos we had stored on devices. Keeping photos on digital devices or saving them through social media platforms eliminates the high-quality aspect that digital photos have as they can be compressed. Nevertheless, there is even more uncertainty with the digital form of a photo – there is no security or guarantee that digital photos will be safe and sound. That’s why she wants photos to be printed at the highest quality, so they are vivid and will last a lifetime, then sharing a story can be viable to anyone.

Its services to print photos have come to see scrapbooking more and more popularized, especially on more digital platforms. However, the printing of good quality photos is so expensive that this hobby could not match people’s budgets anymore. Quality compromising has also become a factor, which then eliminated the reasons for wanting tangible footprints. That’s when Chari Pack put his thoughts into action and is linked to a company that can make 12 × 12 stellar prints at the affordable price of $ 1.99. Since the start of his company in 2010, she has not increased prices for her impressions.

Chari Pack continues to make a photo impression accessible to all photography lovers. She created and launched a simple and easy application that allows customers to print photos directly from their mobile devices. With simple slipping movements, it has never been so easy to slide “yes” to the photos you like. Its application, Persnickety Box, will have the favourite photos printed and delivered directly to the door in an environmentally friendly box.

Through all its challenges to immerse themselves in the world of technology dominated by men, it continues to skyrocket to success. It has overcome multiple releases by application developers but has always felt a way to help the picture lovers have an affordable photo print accessibility without compromising the quality. Few women can not find funding in the technical area for their projects, but Chari Pack has a successful boss. She knew that her ideas were precious, she was blocked by her values ​​and showed what a woman is able to do when it is determined. His motivation is his customers – all she does is for them.

With Persnickety impressions and the new Persnickety Box app, Chari Pack has created endless possibilities for creativity with high-quality photos. Because of its innovative thinking and inspiring narrative ideas, everyone can have the chance to transform these favourite digital memories with tangible photos that can last generations to come. With all she has done, she keeps her mission to save all our stories for the next generation and avoid a future dark digital age close to the heart.