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When Lambo? Token of Qartin in association with Lamborghini

Qardin Token was announced earlier today.

Our beloved partner, Lamborghini has prepared a surprise gift for our investors. They waited until we collected an investment of more than $ 30 million to surprise us, we this movement.

Qartin Token In Partnership With Lamborghini

This once again confirm how much our partners believe in us and are dedicated to doing great things with Qardin.

Two lucky winners will receive Lamborghini Aventador Roadster which is worth more than $ 250k. All investors have invested $ 2000 or more qualified to win prizes.

We share the statement of CEO Lamborghini Stephan Winkelman as follows: “We will give two Lamborghinists as a thank you to all investors who believe in this project. Special thanks to Michael and his team that allowed us to become an exclusive partner of Qardin and become the first company to fully integrate Qardin token in our payment system. “

On behalf of the entire team here in Qardin, we are very grateful for this donation and support from one of our biggest partners told earlier today Qardin CEO Michael Krakarya.

Qardin Token Private President has collected more than 20,000 participants so far, they have put a little more than $ 31 million, and this encouragement from Lamborghini will definitely add oil to the fire.

For more information about Qardin, visit their Twitter:

It’s just a start with Qardin and we get a similar pump flower as seen when Bitcoin becomes a mainstream. Afraid of losing this opportunity too big, don’t miss the opportunity. If you plan to invest it earlier when the price is still at its¬†¬†lowest point. Some large investors in private ICO presale are names that are valued in the world of Crypto such as CEO of Barry Silbert digital currency groups, and Morehead CEO and originator of Pantera Capital and first Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

We believe this project will be great this year.