harmful video marketing mistakes
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5 harmful video marketing mistakes many marketing specialists do

Like any other marketing strategy, video marketing needs proper planning and excellent execution to bring you maximum results. It’s so much more than creating a video and downloading it on the internet. Get strategy, then video marketing can be more embarrassing than enjoying.

Many marketers have no idea how to market a video. Some have just created and downloaded videos without any plan on what they want the public to do after surveillance. They hope that traffic, prospects or sales occur as magic after the publication of an online video.

Below you will find common video marketing errors from many marketing specialists you understand so that you understand what you should avoid creating an ideal video for your campaign.

1. Make The Video Way Too Long

With regard to video marketing campaigns, marketers tend to have a lot to say. They just want to make sure their prospects are missing. However, marketing videos with long duration are boring and somehow overwhelming. They can scare your prospects.

The ideal length for marketing videos is 2 minutes. Nobody ever wants to watch a video on a brand rising from their impressive features for 10 minutes straight, right?video marketingPro Tip: Highlight the pain point of your prospect at the very beginning of the video. This helps you create concise and simple marketing videos.

2. Rely On Webcam Videos

Watching a video made in front of the webcam is annoying for many viewers. The quality looks cheap and can also give you a “lazy” atmosphere. It’s just not as good as professional photo videos by experienced videographers.

Well, webcam videos can be used for sales locations, indeed. But when you plan too much about this type of video marketing to achieve all video marketing goals (for brand awareness, social engagement, lead generation, and more), it makes you seem not professional.

Pro Tip: If you make videos “Talking Head” because they are easy to create, consider using smartphone cameras or hiring a professional video business to make it professional.

3. Make It All About You

Remember that you create your videos for your prospects. They are they who will look at your videos and remember your message, then do your desired actions. So, do it all about them, not you.

Many marketers make videos to tell about their visions, their goals and their big brand. It’s a big mistake. Instead, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes to determine what they are really expecting from your brand. Ask yourself: “What kind of marketing content do I want to look at?”

Pro Tip: Conduct in-depth research to understand the values, interests and preferences of your prospects. In this way, you can create videos that resonate with them.

4. Create Videos Just For The Sake Of Doing It

You may see your competitors running a video marketing campaign. So you think you have to do it too because you do not want to be left behind. With any purpose and appropriate planning, your video marketing is only a waste of time and energy.

You must understand what your video marketing goals are before creating a video. Ask yourself that the right questions can help you determine your goals and strategies to create videos for your prospects.

Pro Tip: your marketing videos should not be just a reflection afterwards, but part of a well-planned campaign with clear goals. While creating goals, make sure they are feasible and measurable.

5. Rely On The Website Alone

From the home page to landing pages, websites can be an ideal place to accommodate marketing videos. But the success of your video marketing campaign is not simply relying on the publication of your videos on your website.

Your prospects can visit your site, watch videos and leave without buying anything from you. In this case, you must exploit other platforms to enhance video visibility and even develop your range.

Pro Tip: You can use other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to promote your videos. For example, you can publish a link to your videos on your bio or messages on these platforms and ask people to love or share the video.