10 Best Shipping Tracking Software in 2022

Shipping Tracking

It’s common knowledge that the shipping industry is worth a lot of money. Do you know almost half of retail total sales come from e-commerce shops? This means that brands need efficient shipping services. Research tells us that most companies have more than one sender for cross-country shipping making logistics is a little difficult to follow!

Even tracking shipping at the actual time while trading with countries in different time zones can cause some complexes. As a result, every successful e-commerce brand must find a shipping solution to monitor and track shipping in real-time without making your difficulties. So, scroll down and find out which is ten of the best shipping tracking software in 2022!

About Shipment Tracking Software:

Shipping tracking software is an online or cloud-based platform that helps brand managing their delivery. The software encourages fast order processing and changing multiple functions into automated processes to increase efficiency and save time. Simply put, a boring manual and complex tasks can now be solved with the help of technology!

Shipping Tracking Software

There are so many shipping tracking solutions available in 2022, but not all will function as well as the product description section defined. To make a perfect choice, trusted reviews must be your first step. The list below has all the top names in the tracking industry.

10 Best Shipment Tracking Software In 2022:

Most brands successfully understand that customer experience does not continue after purchases are made. However, there is more than that than just completing the purchase. There are many ways to make involvement through shipping with your customers, all of which depend on your shipping process.

If you are interested in using the shipping process to affect your customers, you must understand that it starts by selecting shipping tracking software. After all, if your customers cannot track their purchases easily, they will not care about your other engagement-oriented method.

The top ten shipment tracking software in 2022 are as follows.

1. ClickPost Shipment Tracking Software

Clickpost shipment tracking software is popular and is one of the world’s fastest expanding software at the moment. The best part? The software provides a central platform that allows users to track deliveries, communicate with clients, manage shipping exceptions and appreciate an automated return policy.

2. Shippo Shipment Tracking Software

Shippo shipping tracking software was launched in 2013 in San Francisco. Perfect for giving box items for your business, this software does it very well in the United States. However, that does not mean that software does not work globally. Instead, this software provides efficient shipping solutions globally.

3. Aftership Shipping Tracking Software

Aftership Shipping tracking software after one of the best shipping tracking software. Established in Hong Kong, this SaaS shipping tracking company handles more than 10,000 online retail business owners worldwide. However, the study said that even though the software was very good for small businesses, large experienced some inaccuracies.

4. ShipStation Software For ECommerce Shipment Tracking

Shipstation software operates globally throughout Europe, North America and Australia. The best part about using Shipstation software is that the software has several payment schemes, making this a very good choice for the business of all sizes. Payment depends on the number of shipments and services needed by any brand.

5. MetaPack Shipment Tracking Software

Metapack shipping tracking software partnered with more than 400 shipping agents that offer a variety of shipping solutions for retailers. Located in London, Metapack operates at the local, national and global level while providing shipping services made possible by technology.

6. Narvar ECommerce Shipment Tracking Software

Established in 2012, Narvar’s e-commerce delivery tracking software began his journey from San Mateo in California. This software offers services related to managing supply chains and operating mainly in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. At present, Narvar is associated with more than 800 brands throughout the world.

7. ShippyPro Shipping Tracking Solution

Relatively young shipping tracking software, ShipPypro shipping tracking solutions entered the industry only in 2017 but has grown rapidly. The focus of young companies is to use technology to get rid of manual processes such as data entry, order making, and the like, savings time.

8. ShipWell Shipment Tracking Software For ECommerce

In 2016, two graduates from MIT decided to launch software that would connect retailers with the online delivery business. Thus Born Shipwell, shipping tracking software for eCommerce located in Austin, Texas. The best part? If your business develops, you can use software to modify your supply chain.

9. Veeqo Shipment Tracking App

Veeqo shipping tracking application was launched in the United Kingdom in 2013. The man responsible for coming with Veeqo has a lot of experience working in the retail industry. This software is fantastic to handle inventory on several platforms such as Magento, Amazon, Shopify, and eBay.

10. FreightPop BEST Shipment Tracking Software

Who knows when the frieghtpop was launched in 2015 in California because the parent company faces problems related to the distribution that the software will do well? Today, Frieghtpop has become one of the top software for transportation management. Good for businesses that do not use WMS or ERP services, FreightPop simplifies integration with shipping companies.


Especially there are three important areas where shipping tracking solutions have made waves and helps the Expand brand. First, order management is a significant process that was previously time consuming, complex. However, now with the help of artificial intelligence, order designation, and the management process has become very easy!

Second, shipping is used to spend a lot of time before. However, now with the help of label printing and automatic inventory management, this area has also been increased to be an efficient and productive part. Third, the focus is to improve the tracking process and improve customer experience in the process.

So why are you wasting time in many companies for your shipping and tracking function? So what are you waiting for? Available shipping software services for top delivery today!

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