SSL basics that you must know

SSL basics

So everyone and their mother seem to tell you to buy an SSL certificate to secure your site. But you don’t get a big problem with the SSL certificate. Is it really a bad thing if you don’t get it? What exactly does it do?

This article will discuss all your doubts and explain why SSL is very important for each website.

Encrypted Protection For You And Your Users

People not only tell you to get SSL for fun. SSL certificates play a fundamental role in the security of the website. When you install one on your server, it ensures that anyone who accesses your site through the browser will have an encrypted connection. What exactly does this mean? This means that if your user sends sensitive data, such as by logging in with a password or purchasing with a credit card, no third party has access to this information. Encryption makes data that cannot be read while on the way, and only the recipient is intended that can read it.

SSLThe easy version of how it works is that the SSL certificate uses something called the TLS protocol to facilitate secure communication to your site. When your site server and the user’s client (like the browser) interact, they are involved in something called an SSL handshake. This involves authentication with each other and safe key exchanges. When a secure connection is established, you will see various signs on the site, such as the prefix “HTTPS” and the lock symbol in the address bar.

If you are still sceptical about requiring SSL, Well, I have news for you.

Users And Browsers Expect It

Remember the shape symbol and the prefix of the HTTPS I just mentioned? Well, many smart web users know to look for this when visiting new sites. If they don’t see it, they might be turned away, especially if you are an e-commerce site. Because who will buy from a site that doesn’t seem safe?

This compounding is mostly a web browser now marking the site without SSL as “insecure”. So, smart users might not even work on your site if you don’t have an SSL if they are afraid of their web browser first. Your site can be completely safe in every way, but if you don’t have an SSL, then basically you make sure that no one has visited your website. Once. What’s good at that?


Hopefully, you understand a little more SSL certificates and how they work, and why they are very important to have on your site. In addition to bringing extra security layers and keeping you and your users safe, it has become all but mandatory in recent years.

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