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How does Screen Record On Android Device?

The android device has never had a screen recording feature in the previous version. After version 11 and newer, including this feature in the software. With the screen recording feature, it is very easy to record any video or an important meeting that you won’t save for the future. Before when the feature is not available on an Android phone, users must download third-party applications to the screen note.

Android 11 and the mobile above have a screen recording feature. Screen recording is very easy and if you want to know how to filter a note on the Android device then read

How To Screen Record On Android Phone?

Record the screen on the latest version of Android software can be done in sound or voice, which is a very cool choice for users. This is how to filter records on Android

1. Unlock your android device.

2. Drag the notification bar on the screen and find the ‘recording screen’ feature in the fast settings menu. This option is mostly available in the fast settings menu on each Android device but if you haven’t used it, you might not find it in the settings. If you want to add this widget to the notification bar then you can add it by clicking on the ‘Customization’ option in the lower-left corner of the panel. It will be a pencil-shaped icon. Click on it and it will load the widget menu. Find the ‘Recording screen’ option and click. Cover the screen.

3. Pull the notification panel again and then feature the ‘recording screen’ will be visible, click on it.

4. If you want to record a screen with active audio and also to show where you touch the screen then click it. Click ‘Start’

5. The screen is now recording. When you want to stop the recording, slide it down the notification panel and once again click on the ‘screen recording’ option. Then tap stop.Android Device

How To Screen Record On Android Device Using Third-Party Applications?

If you don’t have Android 11 or newer software then you will not have a screen recording feature on the phone. You can use third-party applications to record the screen on an Android device. This is how to filter a note on your Android device using third-party applications:

1. Download and install third-party applications if you haven’t done it from the ‘Google Play store on your Android phone.

2. Open the application and follow the instructions to activate third-party applications to record the screen on another application.

3. Small icons of third-party applications will appear on the screen. Every time you want to record the screen, tap the icon and tap ‘start’ to record the screen.

4. When you want to stop the recording, open the notification bar and click on the icon again to stop.

5. The screen recording will be saved as a video in your Android phone gallery.

Finding And Editing The Screen Recording On The Android Device.

Now you know how to filter records on Android but do you know how to edit this recording? This is a guide to explaining it. The screen recording will be stored in the form of a video in your Android phone gallery or can even be on Google photos.

1. Open the ‘Google Photos application on your mobile.

2. Click on the ‘photo’ on the toolbar section. You can find this option in the bottom bar.

3. You can find videos recorded at the top.

When using the screen recording feature, you might also record unwanted bits along with it. You can edit unwanted bits through the application. Here ‘How to Edit Screen Records:

1. Open the screen recording in your Google Photos application.

2. In the bottom bar of the application screen, you can find the ‘Edit’ option. Click it.

3. Here you can easily cut videos according to your needs. Drag on the screen from left to right to cut the first part of the video. Do the same from right to left at the end of the video to trim the end of the video.

4. Play the video to check whether you are fine with edited videos and then you save this newly edited screen recording by clicking ‘Save Copy’

Recording The Screen On Google Play Games

Google Play Games is a free application available for all Android users. If you are a gamer and want to record your game while playing then this application is specifically for you. In this application, you can also add videos taken from your front camera.

This is a guide on how to filter records on Google Play Games:

1. If you don’t install the application on your mobile, download the application and install it.

2. Launch the application and open the game you want to play. This game can be installed or downloaded.

3. Click on the game icon and detail and the option will appear. Find the ‘Record’ option at the top of the screen and then tap.

4. Pop-ups will appear on the mobile screen. This screen has all the options related to videos that you record like sound, microphone etc. Because the moving screen you can put anywhere on the screen depends on your convenience.

5. After you click on the red dot displayed on the screen, it will start recording. The 3-second timer will die once you click on the Red Dot after it starts recording. You can then press the same point to stop recording.

That’s the whole process of how to record the screen on an Android device. This is relatively very simple. It takes time to get used to it but after you do it, it’s quite easy. Is funny games or videos or videos that are quite serious, you can now filter recording and share it with anyone just by recording and editing the screen.